Promotion Strategy Planning

We manage major advertising projects online and propose media plans and creatives that meet your business challenges.

We specialise in promotional strategies such as product launches and Evergreen, and are best at maximising profits. In addition, we create our very own plannings, manage promotional events and seminar events that realise real contact points with consumers.

Web Marketing Strategy

We provide analysis of past sites with enormous value and propose ways to manage in future. Are they really necessary? We propose the optimal site management from the point of corporate strategy , client satisfaction to technology deployment.

Communication Strategy

We provide strategy to effectively incorporate media such as EDMs, Facebook, Titter, Instagram in line with brand loyalty building .

CRM Strategy

We aim to provide effective internet marketing by creating an optimal model for each client to cater to their channel x timing x information x customers particulars.

Analysis of Access Logs

We analyse customers’ access log (flow line) and site structure (conductor line) and review any gap between them and propose improvement.