Special Christmas Dinner by Guest Chef “Daisuke Yomogi”

A special Christmas dinner at WABI-SABI Dining, where Japanese and Italian gastronomy meet. A special collaboration event with Chef Daisuke Yomogi, a rising star of Japanese cuisine from Iwate, will be held at our restaurant.

About this Event

WABI-SABI Dining presents a special Christmas dinner that is an exquisite fusion of Japanese and Italian cuisine. Chef Terashima of our restaurant and Chef Daisuke Yomogi, a young giant star of Japanese cuisine from Iwate Prefecture, will collaborate on this event.

Chef Daisuke Yomogi trained at a prestigious ryotei restaurant in Tokyo and honed his skills in competitions around the world. He has a wide range of experience from kaiseki to chakaiseki and fugu cuisine, and also boasts a proven track record as head chef at Kappo “Shinpu”. He also has extensive experience at “Kappo Shunsui” and “SAKEMARU HIDEOUT” in Singapore, where his style of cooking emphasizes traditional Japanese cuisine and the taste of the ingredients.

On this special night, enjoy a luxurious experience with our chef’s delicate and innovative cuisine. Japanese aesthetics and Italian delicacies intersect to create an exhilarating Christmas dinner.



Event Schedule

This event will be held at WABI-SABI Dining on December 21 with a course limited to 14 people.

December 21th PM 7:00 to PM 10:30
Christmas Dinner Course Limited to 14PAX

Christmas Dinner Course

The menu is “Omakase” menu course only, priced at 280 SGD per person.
Wine and other drinks must be ordered separately.


1. Sakizuke
Ark Shell
Tosazu Jelly / Beni Madonna mandarin orange / Turnip

2. Shinogi
Uni Pasta

3. Sashimi
Botan Ebi Prawn

Prawn Head / Cashew nuts

4. Main
Monkfish Liver
Duck Meat / Ebi imo Taro

5. Simmered
Longtooth Grouper
Clam / Fruit Tomato / Mushrooms

6. Rice
Wagyu Beef Craypot Rice
Sirloin / Kujo Leek / Sichuan Pepper
Puffer Fish Wonton Soup

7. Dessert
Ichigo Daifuku / Strawberry ShortCake

$280++ PER PERSON (14PAX)


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About Chefs

daisuke yomogi

Daisuke Yomogi
Born in 1987 in Iwate Prefecture, he embarked on his culinary journey at 18, moving to Tokyo after graduating from high school with a degree in culinary arts. He honed his skills in kaiseki cuisine at the exclusive “City Club of Tokyo,” participating in global contests and exhibitions. Venturing into chakaiseki at “Chado Kaikan,” he refined his culinary fundamentals. At Ginza’s renowned “Kikukawa,” he specialized in wild fugu, becoming sous chef after obtaining a fugu license. Leading the kitchen at “Gora Hanadan” in Hakone, he catered to international guests and, at just 26, served as head chef at “Kappo Shinpu” for four years. In Singapore, he took the helm at “Kappo Shunsui” and “SAKEMARU HIDEOUT”, showcasing traditional Japanese cuisine with a focus on bringing out the best flavors of each ingredient.
寺島 敦
Chef @ WABI-SABI Dining
Atsushi Terashima was born in Nagano, Japan in 1975, and moved to Tokyo at the age of 18. After graduating from college, he started at Italian restaurant “Osteria” in Roppongi at the age of 23, where he fell in love with Italian cuisine. After working at “Canoviano” in Daikanyama, he then decided to pursue his passion from the origin — Italy at the age of 26. After spending two years at the first 3-star “Don Alfonso” in southern Italy and the 2-star “Arnolfo” in Siena, he returned to Japan and opened his very own Italian restaurant “L’oasina” with his friend in Minami Aoyama. In 2019, he brought Japanese-pizza restaurant brand to Singapore, and then joined Wabisabi Dining as a head chef in 2021.
Atsushi Terashima